Wedding Fair Lighting - What's Available?

led uplighter for wedding fair hire
Wedding Fair Lighting: LED Uplighting
LED Uplighters are a very effective method to introduce colour to your wedding fair. Using a combination of RED, GREEN and BLUE they can produce an amazing spectrum of colours, from white to deep purple.
Uplighters are generally used on the floor and point up a wall or across other surfaces to change the colour of the wall or surface.
For Ambience they can all be set to a low level shaded wash as a backdrop.
Imagine the walls of your booths all colour co-ordinated!
Make your booth stand out from the rest, an impressive advantage.

led parcan for wedding fair hire
Wedding Fair Lighting: LED Parcans
LED Parcans are the same unit as the floor standing uplighters listed above, however parcans are always hung from above and can be used to cross-wash a ceiling, down-wash a wall or in their basic element, colour wash the floor.

led moodbar colourbar for wedding fair hire
Wedding Fair Lighting: LED Moodbars
LED Moodbars are tall units standing roughly about 6ft tall from the floor. These units have 5 segments which can be controlled independently providing an array of colours. Each segment is driven with RED, GREEN and BLUE so can produce almost any colour.
They can be set to one solid colour or set to smooth scroll slowly through their entire range, either set to auto or remote control, these lights are great for bordering an entrance way or framing a booth.

moving head for wedding fair hire, custom gobo projection for weddings
Wedding Fair Lighting: Moving Heads

Moving Heads are more commonly seen on TV shows and concerts. These can be floor mounted or hung from a lighting rig and can rotate over 360 degrees horizontally and flip back and forth vertically. Essentially these allow the user to project the light in any direction or to have it sweep a room.

Moving Heads can be fitted with a GOBO, which is a small metal or glass object which has been laser cut with your personal design, wording or business logo. Our units come with some pre-defined GOBO's which produce shapes such as stars, crosses, triangles and 3D shapes.
Moving Heads can also project basic colours but are restricted by whatever colour filters they have fitted at the time.